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MFY, Sail Your Dream MFY 2022 Annual Summary and 2023 Sailing Conference
28  Jun  2023
 On January 13, 2023, as the Spring Festival is approaching, we gathered here to hold the "MFY 2022 Annual Summary and 2023 Sailing Conference" to summarize the work of the past year, sum up experience, learn lessons, discuss the future development plan of the company, and commend and reward the employees who have made contributions to the development of the company.

2023 Annual Theme
Casting enterprise spirit, precise enterprise positioning, focus on profit growth. Further innovate the work system, strengthen the internal management level; Strengthen the staff training and learning level, improve the quality of work, expand the scope of business, and strive to let the development of the company to a new level!


Department summary
In the annual review of MFY 2022 Annual Summary and 2023 Sailing Conference, all departments summarize the work in 2022 and make detailed plans for 2023. A day in the morning, a year in the spring, at the end of the year we are ready to plan for the next year, we believe that our efforts, will be in the autumn harvest.


Annual bonus award
Stand together through thick and thin. Standing at the end of the year we look back on the past, looking back on the past year we struggle in MFY, these days are beautiful. All the achievements of the company are inseparable from the hard work of every colleague. President Zhuo Eryuan, General Manager M.tony and Vice general Manager Zhang Jie awarded year-end bonuses to colleagues in each department respectively, which is an honor, a reward and an affirmation to colleagues.

Annual Party Performance
All the staff gave full play to their specialties, singing and dancing, driving the atmosphere of the whole annual meeting. They used their performances to show that life and work both need to “Always strive to be better”

Annual Party lottery
The exciting time is here, every employee has a chance, let's see which "lucky dog" come empty-handed and go home full.
As the President Xi quoted Su Shi's words :" Make the most difficult and map the most distant ", we don't need reason to conquer others, only action and results speak. In the days to come, we forge ahead, actively respond, continue to evolve; 2022 we live up to youth, 2023 we have a sound battle!